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WikiLit:Outside additions: Are there any papers added by outside non-wikilit team researchers that are not about Wikipedia?

  1. A method for category similarity calculation in wikis (Has author Cheong-Iao Pang Robert P. Biuk-Aghai)
  2. A method for measuring co-authorship relationships in MediaWiki (Has author Libby Veng-Sam Tang Robert P. Biuk-Aghai Simon Fong)
  3. A practical approach to language complexity: a Wikipedia case study (Has author Taha Yasseri András Kornai János Kertész)
  4. A utility for estimating the relative contributions of wiki authors (Has author Ofer Arazy Eleni Stroulia)
  5. An analysis of open content systems (Has author Ofer Arazy Raymond Patterson)
  6. Analysis of community structure in Wikipedia (Has author Dmitry Lizorkin Olena Medelyan Maria Grineva)
  7. Automatically assigning Wikipedia articles to macro-categories (Has author Jacopo Farina Riccardo Tasso David Laniado)
  8. Characterization and prediction of Wikipedia edit wars (Has author Róbert Sumi Taha Yasseri András Rung András Kornai János Kertész)
  9. Circadian patterns of Wikipedia editorial activity: A demographic analysis (Has author Taha Yasseri Róbert Sumi János Kertész)
  10. Co-authorship 2.0: patterns of collaboration in Wikipedia (Has author David Laniado Riccardo Tasso)
  11. Community-based knowledge production: antecedents of product quality in Wikipedia (Has author Ofer Arazy Oded Nov)
  12. Debating Information Control in Web 2.0. The Case of Wikipedia vs. Citizendium (Has author Olof Sundin Jutta Haider)
  13. Determinants of Wikipedia quality: the roles of global and local contribution inequality (Has author Ofer Arazy Oded Nov)
  14. Does reputation matter for open content systems? (Has author Ofer Arazy Yonghua Ji Raymond Patterson)
  15. Dynamics of conflicts in Wikipedia (Has author Taha Yasseri Róbert Sumi András Rung András Kornai János Kertész)
  16. Edit wars in Wikipedia (Has author Róbert Sumi Taha Yasseri András Rung András Kornai János Kertész)
  17. Emotions and dialogue in a peer-production community: the case of Wikipedia (Has author David Laniado Carlos Castillo Andreas Kaltenbrunner Mayo Fuster Morell)
  18. Jointly they edit: Examining the impact of community identification on political interaction in Wikipedia (Has author Jessica J. Neff David Laniado Andreas Kaltenbrunner Karolin Kappler Yana Volkovich Pablo Aragón)
  19. Map-like Wikipedia overview visualization (Has author Cheong-Iao Pang Robert P. Biuk-Aghai)
  20. Negotiating the role of sources: educators' conceptions of credibility in participatory media (Has author Helena Francke Olof Sundin)
  21. Ontology learning from text: a look back and into the future (Has author Wilson Wong Wei Liu Mohammed Bennamoun)
  22. Opinions, conflicts and consensus: modeling social dynamics in a collaborative environment (Has author Janos Török Gerardo Iñiguez Taha Yasseri Maxi San Miguel Kimmo Kaski János Kertész)
  23. Social capital increases efficiency of collaboration among Wikipedia (Has author Keiichi Nemoto Peter A. Gloor Robert Laubacher)
  24. There is no deadline - time evolution of Wikipedia discussions (Has author Andreas Kaltenbrunner David Laniado)
  25. Visualization of large category hierarchies (Has author Robert P. Biuk-Aghai Cheong-Iao Pang Felix Hon Hou Cheang)
  26. Visualizing author contribution statistics in Wikis using an edit significance metric (Has author Peter Kin-Fong Fong Robert P. Biuk-Aghai)
  27. Visualizing co-authorship networks in online Wikipedia (Has author Robert P. Biuk-Aghai)
  28. What did they do? Deriving high-level edit histories in wikis (Has author Peter Kin-Fong Fong Robert P. Biuk-Aghai)
  29. What have Innsbruck and Leipzig in common? Extracting semantic from wiki content (Has author Sören Auer Jens Lehmann)
  30. When the Wikipedians talk: network and tree structure of Wikipedia discussion pages (Has author David Laniado Riccardo Tasso Yana Volkovich Andreas Kaltenbrunner)
  31. Wikipedia category visualization using radial layout (Has author Robert P. Biuk-Aghai Felix Hon Hou Cheang)
  32. Wikipedia world map: Method and application of map-like wiki visualization (Has author Cheong-lao Pang Robert P. Biuk-Aghai)
  33. Wikipedia − Störfaktor oder Impulsgeber für die Lehre? (Has author Klaus Wannemacher)
  34. Wikis as digital ecosystems: an analysis based on authorship (Has author Robert P. Biuk-Aghai Libby Veng-Sam Tang Simon Fong Yain-Whar Si)
  35. Wisdom of the crowds: decentralized knowledge construction in Wikipedia (Has author Ofer Arazy Wayne Morgan Raymond Patterson)