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WikiLit:Outside contributors verification

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Verifying papers by Robert P. Biuk-Aghai
== Not verified ==
# Articles by [[Robert P. Biuk-Aghai]]
== Verified ==
# [[Characterization and prediction of Wikipedia edit wars]]
# [[Edit wars in Wikipedia]]
# [[A method for category similarity calculation in Wikis]]# [[A method for measuring co-authorship relationships in MediaWiki]]# [[Chatting in the Wiki: synchronous-asynchronous integration]]# [[Map-like Wikipedia Overview Visualization]]# [[Visualization of large category hierarchies]]# [[Visualizing Co-Authorship Networks in Online Wikipedia]]# [[Visualizing author contribution statistics in Wikis using an edit significance metric]]# [[What did they do? Deriving high-level edit histories in Wikis]]# [[Wiki as a Pedagogical Tool for Translation Teaching]]# [[Wikipedia category visualization using radial layout]]# [[Wikipedia world map: Method and application of map-like wiki visualization]]# [[Wikis as Digital Ecosystems: An Analysis Based on Authorship]]
=== Journal or thesis after July 2011 ===
# [[Negotiating the role of sources: educators' conceptions of credibility in participatory media‎]]
# [[Ontology learning from text: a look back and into the future]]
# [[Dynamics of conflicts in Wikipedia]]
# [[Opinions, Conflicts and Consensus: Modeling Social Dynamics in a Collaborative Environment]]
=== NPR journal article ===
# [[The range of Linus' Law‎]] - Non-PR column in a PR journal. Also outside our timeframe.
# [[Value production in a collaborative environment]]
=== Unclassified ===