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=== Attribution ===
* To attribute your use of this data in accordance with the [ CC-BY-SA] and [ ODbL] licenses, please cite our [ working paper]:
:''Okoli, Chitu, Mehdi, Mohamad, Mesgari, Mostafa, Nielsen, Finn Årup and Lanamäki, Arto, *** [ "The people's encyclopedia under the gaze of the sages: a systematic review of scholarly research on Wikipedia"] (March 13, 2012). Available at SSRN:''
However, before you officially publish anything where you cite the working paper, please check here and on [ SSRN] to see if we have published the final version yet, so that you can cite that.
* We have borrowed extensively from the forms, templates, semantic links, navigation structure and other presentation content from [ emijrp's] [ WikiPapers]. Many of the fields of the template in WikiLit follows the convention of WikiPapers.
* Please [[List of articles to add|point out any peer-reviewed journal articles or PhD dissertations we have missed]] that were published before July 2011; we will certainly add these.
* Please [[List of articles to add|point out any other scholarly studies]] (especially conference articles and significant non-peer-reviewed work) that you feel should definitely be analyzed in detail. Although we have [[List of conference papers|listed 1,500 conference papers]], our limited time and resources only permits us to analyze a fraction of them in detail. So, please help us highlight the most important ones that we have not analyzed in detail, with a brief explanation of why they are particularly important.
* Please [[Main_Page#How_can_I_create_a_new_page.3F|add any scholarly studies about Wikipedia that we have left out]]! Our restrictions in what we include are purely pragmatic due to time and resource limitations. If you want to add anything that we say that we don't have the time to do ourselves, [[Main_Page#How_can_I_create_a_new_page.3F|please feel free to do so]]! Please add your own research and those of others that you know well. However, if you add a new article, please be sure to ***'''[[Main_Page#How_can_I_edit_the_pages_about_existing_articles_and_researchers.3F|fill all input fields]]'''***, since we will generally need complete data for our final analysis.
* Please add scholarly studies published in languages other than English! Because of our resource restrictions, we could only search for and include studies in English. However, we very much welcome inclusion of the excellent work done in other languages. There is no need to translate the free-text article information, but please use the English data fields to enable comparability of the data.
* Please suggest any data analysis or visualizations you would like to see as we synthesize and present the data.