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/* How can I help? */
The data is publicly available (it is dual-licensed [ CC-BY-SA] and [ ODbL], except for copyrighted abstracts), but this is a beta release and there are probably a lot of errors. We hope to have a stable and very clean dataset within a couple months, both from community help and from our own internal quality control processes; we'll make another announcement when we feel it has reached "featured" quality. '''In particular, please wait a bit before exporting the data to other research collection websites and wikis until it is in a cleaner state'''; by then, we'll help make it available in as many export formats as practical. No later than May 31, 2012, we hope that this dataset will have attained exportable quality. (If this notice has not been updated by that date, then please contact us at wikilit - at - to ask for the current status.)
=== How can I helpedit the pages about existing articles and researchers? ===
Please help by filling missing fields in pages using :* Navigate to any article or researcher* Click the "'''Edit" tab or with form''' link at the top of the [+] links and by [[#How can I create a new page?|creating new pages]]* For articles, ::Basic properties: Basic bibliometric data for the article::Identifiers: Links and bibliometric identifiers::Select as many topics from the category tree that are relevant for the article::Annotation: Relevant data related to the study that is pertinent to researchers.'''We need the most help here!'''::Additional info: Other information for the article, mainly related to related media
=== How can I create a new page? ===