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== License and attribution: How to distribute or re-use this data ==
* Abstracts are the property of their respective copyright holders.
* The rest of the wiki content is dual-licensed under the [ Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike (CC-BY-SA) 3.0 license] and under the [ Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL)], unless stated otherwise. "Dual license" means you can choose to use either one of the two licenses.
=== Attribution ===
* To attribute your use of this data in accordance with the [ CC-BY-SA] and [ ODbL] licenses, please cite our [ working paper]:
However, before you officially publish anything where you cite the working paper, please check here and on [ SSRN] to see if we have published the final version yet, so that you can cite that.
* We have borrowed extensively from the forms, templates, semantic links, navigation structure and other presentation content from [ emijrp's] [ WikiPapers]. Many of the fields of the template in WikiLit follows the convention of WikiPapers.
== Key details about this literature review ==
* We do not include any items published after June 2011, after which the [ Wikimedia Research Newsletter] was formally inaugurated; we're letting them pick up from where we stop.
* We have submitted a [ presentation proposal for Wikimania 2012].
== Request for help ==
Please help us verify the accuracy of our data extraction so far. Practically, if you could take a look at your own publications and the publications you know well, that would be great. It's an open wiki, so please make any corrections directly, even anonymously. (However, if you want us to acknowledge your contributions, please create a user account and identify yourself on your user page.) In particular, please help us with the following:
* Please correct any inaccuracies you see, or e-mail us at wikilit - at - to notify us of them.
* Please point out any peer-reviewed journal articles or PhD dissertations we have missed that were published before July 2011; we will certainly add these.
* [[:Special:BrowseData|Browse the dataset by various categories]]
== Nominate missing articles for us to add ==
# [[What is the quality of surgery-related information on the Internet? Lessons learned from a standardized evaluation of 10 common operations]]
# [[Wikipedia and the emergence of dialogic expertise]]
== Lists ==
| ?has domain = Domain(s)
== Statistics ==