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/* Request for help */ Referred to list of conference papers
* Please correct any inaccuracies you see, or e-mail us at *** to notify us of them.
* Please point out any peer-reviewed journal articles or PhD dissertations we have missed that were published before July 2011; we will certainly add these.
* Please point out any other scholarly studies (especially conference articles and significant non-peer-reviewed work) that you feel should definitely be includedanalyzed in detail. Since Although we have [[List of conference papers|listed 1,500 conference papers]], our limited time and resources are quite limited, unfortunately we will only include these if you can permits us to analyze a fraction of them in detail. So, please help us see highlight the most important ones that we have not analyzed in detail, with a brief explanation of why they are particularly important.
* Please suggest any data analysis or visualizations you would like to see as we synthesize the data.
* Please give any other feedback or suggestion that can help us make this dataset more useful to researchers!
The data is publicly available (the license is CC-****), but this is a beta release and there are probably a lot of errors. We hope to have a stable and very clean dataset within a couple months, both from community help and from our own internal quality control processes; we'll make another announcement when we feel it has reached "featured" quality. In particular, please wait a bit before exporting the data to other research collection websites and wikis until it is in a cleaner state; by then, we'll help make it available in as many export formats as practical.
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