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Wikipedia Wikilit: A literature reviewof scholarly research on Wikipedia
* [[Chitu Okoli]] ([[user:Chituokol1|Chitu]])
* [[Arto Lanamäki]]
* [[Mohamad Mehdi]]
* [[Mostafa Mesgari]]
* [[Finn Årup Nielsen]] ([[user:fnielsen|fnielsen]])
* [[Arto Lanamäki]]
'''Please note''': This wiki acts as the database for a literature review of Wikipedia by the authors. If You are encouraged to correct any inaccuracies you edit find. You do not need to register to do so; that is, anonymous contributions are permitted and welcome. However, if you would like us to recognize your contributions, please create a user page so we can attribute you, and contact the authors write your real name there. However, if you want to make major editssignficant contributions, please contact the authors.