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Wikipedia − Störfaktor oder Impulsgeber für die Lehre?

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Not a literature review
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|research_design=Literature review, Phenomenology, Typology/taxonomy|data_source=Documents, Scholarly articles, Wikipedia pages
|conclusion=In the teaching practice at German-language universities currently an impartial and pragmatic use of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia seems to be developing similar to the practices at U.S. universities as described by American biology professor Martha Groom from the University of Washington-Bothell. Since 2006 Groom has provided her students with Wikipedia assignments. She offered Wikipedia related in-class training sessions and encouraged her students to participate in Wikipedia article work according to her rule of thumb: "If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em".
English translation of title: "Wikipedia - disturbing factor or trigger for innovations in university teaching?" (Wikipedia as a tool for university teaching)