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A cultural and political economy of Web 2.0 + , An exploration on on-line mass collaboration: focusing on its motivation structure + , Constructing commons in the cultural environment + , Cross-cultural analysis of the Wikipedia community + , Cultural configuration of Wikipedia: measuring autoreferentiality in different languages + , Cultural differences in collaborative authoring of Wikipedia + , Decentralization in Wikipedia governance + , Evaluating authoritative sources using social networks: an insight from Wikipedia + , Fixing the floating gap: The online encyclopaedia Wikipedia as a global memory place + , Gaming against the greater good + , Governance, organization, and democracy on the Internet: the iron law and the evolution of Wikipedia + , Hackers, cyborgs, and wikipedians: the political economy and cultural history of Wikipedia + , Helping hands: design for member-maintained online communities + , Imagining the Wikipedia community: what do Wikipedia authors mean when they write about their 'community'? + , Industrial ecology 2.0 + , Making friends with Jarvis Cocker: music culture in the context of Web 2.0 + , Normative behaviour in Wikipedia + , Norms, minorities, and collective choice online + , Phantom authority, self-selective recruitment and retention of members in virtual communities: the case of Wikipedia + , Power of the few vs. Wisdom of the crowd: Wikipedia and the rise of the bourgeoisie + Has domain


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