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Motivations of contributors to Wikipedia
Abstract This paper aims to explain why people are This paper aims to explain why people are motivated to contribute to the Wikipedia project. A comprehensive analysis of the motivations of Wikipedians is conducted using the iterative methodology developed by Batya Friedman and Peter Kahn in Value Sensitive Design and Information Systems and co-developed by Nissenbaum and Friedman in Bias in Computer Systems. The Value Sensitive Design (VSD) approach consists of three stages: Empirical Investigation, Conceptual Investigation, and Technical Investigation. During the empirical phase, motivations of the contributors to Wikipedia are identified through analysis of data from two published surveys and a pilot survey conducted at New York University. The underlying values behind these motivations are then defined in the conceptual phase of the study. Finally, a technical investigation is conducted in order to determine how features of the Wiki technology support and facilitate these values.ology support and facilitate these values.
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Collected data time dimension Cross-sectional  +
Comments I added this paper in January 2014. For some reason, we had missed or omitted this earlier. This paper has well over 100 citations in Google Scholar, and is thus an important study of contributor motivations. -- Arto
Conclusion "The primary purpose of Wikipedia is to cr"The primary purpose of Wikipedia is to create a comprehensive, free and reliable encyclopedia. People from all around the world connect with this goal and choose to contribute to the expansion of human knowledge. The virtual realm of Wikipedia rewards its participants in ways that are unmatched by most establishments in the non virtual world. Wikipedians enjoy a sense of accomplishment, collectivism, and benevolence, while working with exceptional freedom and ease. The values of reputation, community, reciprocity, altruism and autonomy are fostered both by the people and the technology, effectively creating a near-utopian society in which individuals voluntarily collaborate and learn together."luntarily collaborate and learn together."
Data source Survey responses  +
Doi 10.1145/1215942.1215943 +
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Has author Stacey Kuznetsov +
Has domain Information systems +
Has topic Contributor motivation +
Issue 2  +
Peer reviewed Yes  +
Publication type Journal article  +
Published in ACM SIGCAS Computers and Society +
Research design Conceptual  + , Statistical analysis  +
Research questions "What motivates these people to contribute effort and time to the Wikipedia project, and what role does Wikipedia play in fostering these motivations?"
Revid 10,878  +
Theories "This paper develops an account of the mot"This paper develops an account of the motivations of Wikipedians by applying Friedman and Kahn’s the Value Sensitive Design (VSD) methodology to the study of Wikipedia." -> "The underlying idea behind VSD was first introduced by Nissenbaum and Friedman in Bias in Computer Systems."and Friedman in Bias in Computer Systems."
Theory type Analysis  +
Title Motivations of contributors to Wikipedia
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Volume 36  +
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