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Be nice: Wikipedia norms for supportive communication + , Creative commons international the international license porting project + , Credibility judgment and verification behavior of college students concerning Wikipedia + , Emotions and dialogue in a peer-production community: the case of Wikipedia + , Forced transparency: corporate image on Wikipedia and what it means for public relations + , Foucault@wiki: first steps towards a conceptual framework for the analysis of wiki discourses + , Gender differences in information behavior concerning Wikipedia, an unorthodox information source? + , How and why do college students use Wikipedia? + , Legitimizing Wikipedia: how US national newspapers frame and use the online encyclopedia in their coverage + , Peer-to-peer review and the future of scholarly authority + , RUOK? Blogging communication technologies during crises + , Stigmergic collaboration: The evolution of group work + , The technocultural dimensions of meaning: towards a mixed semiotics of the World Wide Web + , There is no deadline - time evolution of Wikipedia discussions + , Toward another rhetoric: Web 2.0, Levinas, and taking responsibility for response ability + , Us vs. them: understanding social dynamics in Wikipedia with revert graph visualizations + , Viable wikis: struggle for life in the wikisphere + , Wikipedia - free and reliable? Aspects of a collaboratively shaped encyclopaedia + , Wikipedia and the emergence of dialogic expertise + , Wikipedia as participatory journalism: reliable sources? Metrics for evaluating collaborative media as a news resource + Has domain


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