Shane Greenstein

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Researcher (help)
Shane Greenstein
Position: Professor
Affiliation: Kellogg School of Management
City: Evanston
Country: United States of America
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  1. The range of Linus' Law (Shane Greenstein 2012)
  2. Wagging Wikipedia's long tail (Shane Greenstein 2007)
Shane Greenstein is a researcher who works in United States of America.

Shane Greenstein is the Kellogg Chair of Information Technology and Professor of Management and Strategy at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. He is a leading researcher in the business economics of computing, communications and Internet infrastructure. His research and writing focus on a variety of topics in this area, including the adoption of client-server systems, the growth of commercial Internet access networks, the industrial economics of platforms, and changes in communications policy. He has written and edited five books, and published over one hundred refereed journal articles, book chapters, monographs and invited reports. He has written over one hundred articles for policy and business audiences.

Greenstein received his BA from University of California at Berkeley in 1983, and his PhD from Stanford University in 1989, both in economics. He held a post-doctoral fellowship at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research at Stanford in 1989. He also continues to receive a daily education in life from his wife and children.