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Wikipedia coverage refers to the sense in which the study is "about Wikipedia" in order to qualify for inclusion in this review. What is the nature of coverage of Wikipedia in the study?

  • Main topic: Wikipedia is explictly and unambiguously the primary focus of the study.
  • Case: Wikipedia is one substantive case treated in this study, but it is not the only one.
  • Sample data: The study's purpose is not about Wikipedia per se, but a significant portion of the study's data is taken from Wikipedia in order to achieve the study's objectives.
  • Other: The study is about Wikipedia in some other sense not captured by the other three categories. Note that this option is not for studies that only marginally refer to Wikipedia (e.g. gives a definition or description for a term taken from Wikipedia)--such studies are explicitly excluded from this review.

Values: Case, Main topic, Other, Sample data

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