Piotr Konieczny

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Researcher (help)
Piotr Konieczny
Position: PhD Student
Affiliation: University of Pittsburgh
City: Pittsburgh
Country: United States of America
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Link(s): http://pittsburgh.academia.edu/PiotrKonieczny
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  1. Adhocratic governance in the Internet age: a case of Wikipedia (Piotr Konieczny 2010)
  2. Governance, organization, and democracy on the Internet: the iron law and the evolution of Wikipedia (Piotr Konieczny 2009)
  3. Wikipedia - community or social movement? (Piotr Konieczny 2009)
  4. Wikis and Wikipedia as a teaching tool (Piotr Konieczny 2007)
Piotr Konieczny is a researcher who works in United States of America.

He is originally from Poland.