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Researcher (help)
Jens Lehmann
Position: Postdoctoral Researcher
Affiliation: Universität Leipzig
City: Leipzig
Country: Germany
Interest(s): Semantic Web
Machine Learning
Databases: Google Scholar Microsoft Academic Search
Other wikis: AcaWiki Brede Wiki GM-RKB WikiPapers
Search: Google

  1. DBpedia - a crystallization point for the web of data (Christian Bizer Jens Lehmann Georgi Kobilarov Sören Auer Christian Becker Richard Cyganiak Sebastian Hellmann 2009)
  2. DBpedia: a nucleus for a web of open data (Sören Auer Christian Bizer Georgi Kobilarov Jens Lehmann Richard Cyganiak Zachary Ives 2007)
  3. What have Innsbruck and Leipzig in common? Extracting semantic from wiki content (Sören Auer Jens Lehmann 2007)
Jens Lehmann is a researcher who works in Germany.

Dr. Jens Lehmann is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Leipzig. He is leading the Machine Learning and Ontology Engineering research group within the AKSW center. He obtained a PhD with grade summa cum laude at the University of Leipzig in 2010 and a master degree in Computer Science from Technical University of Dresden in 2006. His research interests involve Semantic Web, machine learning and knowledge representation. He is founder, leader or contributor of several open source projects, including DL-Learner, DBpedia, LinkedGeoData, ORE, and OntoWiki. He works/worked in several funded projects, e.g. GeoKnow (EU STREP), LOD2 (EU IP), LATC (EU STREP) and SoftWiki (BmBF). Dr. Jens Lehmann authored more than 30 articles in international journals and conferences.

The main Wikipedia research related project, which Jens Lehmann is DBpedia - a project which extracts information from Wikipedia in RDF and connects it to other knowledge bases. DBpedia allows to ask queries over Wikipedia, which were very difficult to answer before, and it allows to re-use information in Wikipedia. More information can be found on the project homepage.