Howard T. Welser

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Researcher (help)
Howard T. Welser
Position: Assistant Professor
Affiliation: Ohio University
City: Athens
Country: United States of America
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  2. Self-governance through group discussion in Wikipedia: measuring deliberation in online groups (Laura W. Black Howard T. Welser Daniel Regis Cosley Jocelyn M. DeGroot 2011)
  3. The diffusion of a task recommendation system to facilitate contributions to an online community (Y. Connie Yuan Daniel Regis Cosley Howard T. Welser Ling Xia Geri Gay 2009)
Howard T. Welser is a researcher who works in United States of America.

His research investigates the connections between social circumstances, individual actors, social structure, and collective outcomes. He is interested in the social implications of technological change and in studying social dynamics using data collected from online communities of different sorts. He is especially interested in discovering evidence for ways that participation in new social media may be changing how people interact.