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For general help on Semantic MediaWiki queries: Help:Selecting pages on SMW.

Wikilit example queries

Query with sort

Publications and sorted on the property "published in" (journal, conference) with a limit on 5 returned pages:

{{#ask: [[Category:Publications]]
 |?published in
 | sort = Published in
 | limit = 5 
  Published in
Analysis of community structure in Wikipedia 18th int. conf. on World Wide Web (WWW)
Wikipedia revision toolkit: efficiently accessing Wikipedia's edit history 49th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies
Exploring words with semantic correlations from Chinese Wikipedia 5th IFIP International Conference on Intelligent Information Processing
Wikipedia as participatory journalism: reliable sources? Metrics for evaluating collaborative media as a news resource 5th International Symposium on Online Journalism
Community-based knowledge production: antecedents of product quality in Wikipedia 6th Annual International Open and User Innovation Workshop
… further results

The result may also be returned as a comma-separated values (CSV) file by adding "format = CSV" to the ask-query: CSV

Query with a property

Return 2 publications with author names and year where the publication type is set to "Thesis"

{{#ask: [[Category:Publications]] [[publication type::Thesis]]
 | ?has author
 | ?year = year
 | limit = 2

The above will result in:

  Has author year
A cultural and political economy of Web 2.0 Robert W. Gehl 2010
Contextual retrieval of single Wikipedia articles to support the reading of academic abstracts Christopher Jordan 2009
… further results

Query on combinations of properties

Make an AND query between the values of two different properties: Return all publications with a research design that is labeled to be a case study and where the data source is listed a not applicable (N/A):

{{#ask: [[Category:Publications]] [[research design::Case study]] [[data source::N/A]]
 | ?research design
 | ?data source

The result is:

  Research design Data source
A comparison of privacy issues in collaborative workspaces and social networks Case study N/A
Autopoiesis in virtual organizations Case study N/A
Avoiding tragedy in the wiki-commons Case study N/A
Collectivism vs. individualism in a wiki world: librarians respond to Jaron Lanier's essay 'Digital Maoism: the hazards of the new online collectivism' Case study N/A
Fire next time: or revisioning higher education in the context of digital social creativity Case study N/A
Incomplete by design and designing for incompleteness Case study N/A
Network neutrality and the false promise of zero-price regulation Case study N/A
Norms, minorities, and collective choice online Case study N/A

Non-English Featured articles

Identify publications investigating Wikipedia's so-called "Featured articles" in languages other than English. Note here that "Not specified" usually means that the English Wikipedia was investigated.

{{#ask: [[Category:Publications]] [[has topic::Featured articles]] [[wikipedia language::!~English]] [[wikipedia language::!~Not specified]]
 | ?has topic
 | ?wikipedia language

The result is:

  Has topic Wikipedia language
Issues of cross-contextual information quality evaluation-the case of Arabic, English, and Korean Wikipedias Featured articles
Cultural and linguistic effects on participation
Societal antecedents of participation
Quality assessment process in Wikipedia's Vetrina: the role of the community's policies and rules Featured articles
Social order
Wikipedia - a quantitative analysis Featured articles
Size of Wikipedia
Data mining
Information extraction
Community building
Contributor engagement
Quality improvement processes
Participation trends

Less than example

Publications published before year 2004 and with the collected data time dimension set to 'N/A':

{{#ask: [[Category:Publications]] [[Collected data time dimension::N/A]] [[Year::<2004]]
 | ?title

The result is:

Open source intelligence Open source intelligence
Phantom authority, self-selective recruitment and retention of members in virtual communities: the case of Wikipedia Phantom authority, self-selective recruitment and retention of members in virtual communities: the case of Wikipedia


Number of pages in the Publication category: 525

{{#ask: [[Category:Publications]] | format = count }}

More examples

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