From Wikipedia to the classroom: exploring online publication and learning

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From Wikipedia to the classroom: exploring online publication and learning
Authors: Andrea Forte, Amy Bruckman [edit item]
Citation: ICLS '06 Proceedings of the 7th international conference on Learning sciences  : 182-188. 2006.
Publication type: Conference paper
Peer-reviewed: Yes
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From Wikipedia to the classroom: exploring online publication and learning is a publication by Andrea Forte, Amy Bruckman.

[edit] Abstract

Wikipedia represents an intriguing new publishing paradigm---can it be used to engage students in authentic collaborative writing activities? How can we design wiki publishing tools and curricula to support learning among student authors? We suggest that wiki publishing environments can create learning opportunities that address four dimensions of authenticity: personal, real world, disciplinary, and assessment. We have begun a series of design studies to investigate links between wiki publishing experiences and writing-to-learn. The results of an initial study in an undergraduate government course indicate that perceived audience plays an important role in helping students monitor the quality of writing; however, students' perception of audience on the Internet is not straightforward. This preliminary iteration resulted in several guidelines that are shaping efforts to design and implement new wiki publishing tools and curricula for students and teachers.

[edit] Research questions

"We aimed to answer three basic questions about students’ experiences: 1. To what extent do students’ interactions online affect their reasoning and writing? 2. How does publishing influence students’ beliefs about their writing and motivation to write well? 3. How does publishing influence the content and tone of students’ writing?"

Research details

Topics: Student contribution [edit item]
Domains: Education [edit item]
Theory type: Analysis [edit item]
Wikipedia coverage: Main topic [edit item]
Theories: "Undetermined" [edit item]
Research design: Discourse analysis, Statistical analysis [edit item]
Data source: Interview responses, Survey responses [edit item]
Collected data time dimension: Longitudinal [edit item]
Unit of analysis: User [edit item]
Wikipedia data extraction: N/A [edit item]
Wikipedia page type: N/A [edit item]
Wikipedia language: Not specified [edit item]

[edit] Conclusion

"With respect to real world authenticity, we learned that audience is both critical and elusive. Even on the Internet, if we hope to influence student writers by creating a public venue for their work, exposing the very existence of a reader is something that needs to be considered in the design of the publishing environment."

[edit] Comments

""The success of Wikipedia in engaging volunteer writers and editors to do complex and intellectually demanding work can serve as an inspiration for creating publication venues that support writing-to-learn." p. 187"

Further notes[edit]