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The review has a cut-off on June 2011 for full search of journal paper.

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  8. Factors influencing intention to upload content on Wikipedia in South Korea: The effects of social norms and individual differences (Namkee Park Hyun Sook Oh Naewon Kang Computers in Human Behavior)
  9. Mass collaboration or mass amateurism? A comparative study on the quality of scientific information produced using Wiki tools and concepts (Fernando Rodrigues Universidade Évora)
  10. Negotiating the role of sources: educators' conceptions of credibility in participatory media (Helena Francke Olof Sundin Library & Information Science Research)
  11. Ontology learning from text: a look back and into the future (Wilson Wong Wei Liu Mohammed Bennamoun ACM Computing Surveys)
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  16. What we know about Wikipedia: a review of the literature analyzing the project(s) (Nicolas Jullien SSRN (Working Paper))