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Collected datatype = Survey

If study uses a survey, then the research design is not a case study, but probably rather "statistical analysis". Unit of analysis is probably "user" and collected data time dimension probably cross-sectional or longitudinal.

Research design = case study

  Collected datatype Unit of analysis Collected data time dimension Topic(s)
'Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia' as a role model? Lessons for open innovation from an exploratory examination of the supposedly democratic-anarchic nature of Wikipedia Article N/A Contributor motivation
Policies and governance
Social order
A comparison of privacy issues in collaborative workspaces and social networks Website N/A Ethics
Policies and governance
A cultural and political economy of Web 2.0 Website Longitudinal Culture and values of Wikipedia
Other collaboration topics
Policies and governance
Commercial aspects
A framework for information quality assessment Article
Longitudinal Comprehensiveness
Featured articles
Readability and style
A systemic and cognitive view on collaborative knowledge building with wikis Article Longitudinal Deliberative collaboration
A tale of two tasks: editing in the era of digital literacies Article Longitudinal Student contribution
Student information literacy
Accelerating networks Article Longitudinal Size of Wikipedia
Access, claims and quality on the Internet - future challenges Website N/A Epistemology
Reader perceptions of credibility
Adhocratic governance in the Internet age: a case of Wikipedia Website Longitudinal Policies and governance
Analyzing the creative editing behavior of Wikipedia editors: through dynamic social network analysis Edit
Cross-sectional Social order
Applications of semantic web methodologies and techniques to social networks and social websites Website Cross-sectional Technical infrastructure
Art history: a guide to basic research resources Article Cross-sectional Knowledge source for scholars and librarians
Autopoiesis in virtual organizations Website N/A Wikipedia as a system
Avoiding tragedy in the wiki-commons Website N/A Contributor motivation
Social order
Beyond vandalism: Wikipedia trolls User Cross-sectional Contributor motivation
Breaking the knowledge acquisition bottleneck through conversational knowledge management Website Cross-sectional Other content topics
Quality improvement processes
Other participation outcomes
Can history be open source? Wikipedia and the future of the past Subject Cross-sectional Antecedents of quality
Research platform
Collectivism vs. individualism in a wiki world: librarians respond to Jaron Lanier's essay 'Digital Maoism: the hazards of the new online collectivism' N/A N/A Other collaboration topics
Commons-based peer production and virtue N/A N/A Deliberative collaboration
Decentralization in Wikipedia governance N/A N/A Policies and governance
Digital archives and the turn to design Article
Longitudinal Miscellaneous topics
Essjay's ethos: rethinking textual origins and intellectual property User Longitudinal Ethics
Contributor perceptions of credibility
Experiences and perspectives of Wikipedia use in higher education N/A N/A Student contribution
Expert-built and collaboratively constructed lexical semantic resources Website Cross-sectional Computational linguistics
Fire next time: or revisioning higher education in the context of digital social creativity N/A N/A Student contribution
From Castalia to Wikipedia: openness and closure in knowledge communities Website Cross-sectional Culture and values of Wikipedia
Governance of massive multiauthor collaboration - Linux, Wikipedia, and other networks: governed by bilateral contracts, partnerships, or something in between? N/A N/A Legal infrastructure
Governance of online creation communities: Provision of infrastructure for the building of digital commons Website Cross-sectional Wikipedia as a system
Policies and governance
High school research and critical literacy: social studies with and despite Wikipedia Article Cross-sectional Cross-domain student readership
Student information literacy
Identifying and understanding the problems of Wikipedia's peer governance: the case of inclusionists versus deletionists N/A N/A Policies and governance
Incomplete by design and designing for incompleteness N/A N/A Epistemology
Wikipedia as a system
Informed investors and the Internet Edit Longitudinal Other participation outcomes
Commercial aspects
Investigation into trust for collaborative information repositories: a Wikipedia case study Article
Longitudinal Featured articles
Reader perceptions of credibility
Computational estimation of trustworthiness
Making friends with Jarvis Cocker: music culture in the context of Web 2.0 Article N/A Miscellaneous topics
My kind of people?: perceptions about Wikipedia contributors and their motivations N/A Cross-sectional Contributor motivation
Community building
Network neutrality and the false promise of zero-price regulation Website N/A Policies and governance
New technologies and terminological pressure in lesser-used languages : the Breton Wikipedia, from terminology consumer to potential terminology provider Website Cross-sectional Cultural and linguistic effects on participation
Other collaboration topics
Norms, minorities, and collective choice online N/A N/A Policies and governance
Open content and value creation User Cross-sectional Legal infrastructure
Contributor motivation
Culture and values of Wikipedia
Commercial aspects
Open, but how much? Growth, conflict, and institutional evolution in open source communities Website Longitudinal Other collaboration topics
Sparse relational data sets: issues and an application Article Cross-sectional Information extraction
Taxonomy and clustering in collaborative systems: the case of the on-line encyclopedia Wikipedia Category Cross-sectional Ontology building
Textual curators and writing machines: authorial agency in encyclopedias, print to digital Website Longitudinal Encyclopedias
The hidden order of Wikipedia Article
Longitudinal Featured articles
Quality improvement processes
The romantic collective author Edit Cross-sectional Deliberative collaboration
Policies and governance
The technocultural dimensions of meaning: towards a mixed semiotics of the World Wide Web Website Cross-sectional Technical infrastructure
Other collaboration topics
Toward another rhetoric: Web 2.0, Levinas, and taking responsibility for response ability Website Cross-sectional Epistemology
Understanding user's query intent with Wikipedia N/A Cross-sectional Query processing
Why do people write for Wikipedia? Incentives to contribute to open-content publishing User Cross-sectional Contributor motivation
Wiki deployment in corporate settings Website Cross-sectional Contributor motivation
… further results

Collected data type: Not Applicable

List of articles where the Collected data type is "N/A" and the Collected data time dimension is either "Cross-sectional" or "Longitudinal".

List of articles where the Collected data type is "N/A" and the Wikipedia Coverage is "Sample data" or the Theory type is "Design and action".

Wikipedia data extraction:Not Applicable

List of articles where the Wikipedia data extraction is "N/A" and the Collected data type is "Wikipedia pages" or the Wikipedia page type is not equal to "N/A".

Collected data time dimension: Not Applicable

List of articles where the Collected data time dimension is "N/A' and the Collected datatype is "Wikipedia pages" or the Wikipedia Coverage is "Sample data".

Wikipedia page type: Not Applicable

List of articles where the Wikipedia page type is "N/A" and the Collected data type is "Wikipedia pages".