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Not verified


  1. A Wikipedia literature review
  2. An inside view: credibility in Wikipedia from the perspective of editors
  3. Beyond Google: how do students conduct academic research?‎
  4. Beyond the legacy of the enlightenment? Online encyclopaedias as digital heterotopias
  5. Chemical information media in the chemistry lecture hall: a comparative assessment of two online encyclopedias
  6. Constructing commons in the cultural environment‎
  7. Creating, destroying, and restoring value in Wikipedia‎
  8. Credibility judgment and verification behavior of college students concerning Wikipedia‎
  9. Finding social roles in Wikipedia
  10. How Today's College Students Use Wikipedia for Course-Related Research
  11. In search of credibility: pupils' information practices in learning environments
  12. Is Wikipedia unsuitable as a clinical information resource for medical students‎
  13. Is Wikipedia usable for the blind?‎
  14. Mediating at the student-Wikipedia intersection
  15. Network analysis of collaboration structure in Wikipedia
  16. On the measurability of information quality
  17. Putting Wikipedia to the test: a case study
  18. Quantitative data and graphics on lexical specificity and index of readability: the case of Wikipedia
  19. Reputation and reliability in collective goods: the case of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia‎
  20. The collaborative organization of knowledge
  21. The value of geographic wikis
  22. The Wikipedia: experts, expertise and ethical challenges
  23. The work of sustaining order in Wikipedia: the banning of a vandal‎
  24. The Rolls Royce of the library reference collection
  25. Wikipedia - a key tool for global public health promotion
  26. Wikipedia - a quantitative analysis
  27. Wikipedia as an encyclopaedia of life‎
  28. Wikipedia as participatory journalism: reliable sources? Metrics for evaluating collaborative media as a news resource‎
  29. Wikipedia - community or social movement?

Outside our scope

Outside scope, but data complete--not yet verified

  1. Biographical Social Networks on Wikipedia - A cross-cultural study of links that made history
  2. Co-authorship 2.0: patterns of collaboration in Wikipedia
  3. Debating Information Control in Web 2.0. The Case of Wikipedia vs. Citizendium
  4. Emotions and dialogue in a peer-production community: the case of Wikipedia
  5. There is no deadline - time evolution of Wikipedia discussions
  6. When the Wikipedians talk: network and tree structure of Wikipedia discussion pages

Conference paper

  1. A data-driven sketch of Wikipedia editors
  2. A utility for estimating the relative contributions of wiki authors
  3. An analysis of open content systems
  4. Analysis of community structure in Wikipedia‎
  5. Automatically assigning Wikipedia articles to macro-categories
  6. Community-based knowledge production: antecedents of product quality in Wikipedia
  7. Determinants of Wikipedia quality: the roles of global and local contribution inequality
  8. Does reputation matter for open content systems?
  9. Social capital increases efficiency of collaboration among Wikipedia‎
  10. What have Innsbruck and Leipzig in common? Extracting semantic from wiki content
  11. Wikipedia − Störfaktor oder Impulsgeber für die Lehre?
  12. Wisdom of the crowds: decentralized knowledge construction in Wikipedia
  13. Characterization and prediction of Wikipedia edit wars
  14. Edit wars in Wikipedia
  15. A method for category similarity calculation in Wikis
  16. A method for measuring co-authorship relationships in MediaWiki
  17. Chatting in the Wiki: synchronous-asynchronous integration
  18. Map-like Wikipedia Overview Visualization
  19. Visualization of large category hierarchies
  20. Visualizing Co-Authorship Networks in Online Wikipedia
  21. Visualizing author contribution statistics in Wikis using an edit significance metric
  22. What did they do? Deriving high-level edit histories in Wikis
  23. Wiki as a Pedagogical Tool for Translation Teaching
  24. Wikipedia category visualization using radial layout
  25. Wikipedia world map: Method and application of map-like wiki visualization
  26. Wikis as Digital Ecosystems: An Analysis Based on Authorship

Journal or thesis after July 2011

  1. Negotiating the role of sources: educators' conceptions of credibility in participatory media‎
  2. Ontology learning from text: a look back and into the future
  3. A practical approach to language complexity: a Wikipedia case study
  4. Circadian patterns of Wikipedia editorial activity: A demographic analysis
  5. Dynamics of conflicts in Wikipedia
  6. Opinions, Conflicts and Consensus: Modeling Social Dynamics in a Collaborative Environment

NPR journal article

  1. The range of Linus' Law‎ - Non-PR column in a PR journal. Also outside our timeframe.
  2. Value production in a collaborative environment