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WikiLit:List of articles to add

Nominate missing articles for us to add

This page is for listing any important articles that you feel we should add. Please note the scope of what we include in this review:

  • We include only research about Wikipedia, not about any other wiki or any other Wikimedia Foundation project.
  • We do not include any items published from July 2011 onwards, after which the Wikimedia Research Newsletter was formally inaugurated; we're letting them pick up from where we stop.
  • We only have the time and resources to include peer-reviewed journal articles, PhD dissertations, and highly-cited or otherwise important peer-reviewed conference articles. If we are missing any peer-reviewed journal article or PhD dissertation published before July 2011, we will certainly add it!
  • For any other scholarly publication (such as a conference paper or important non-peer-reviewed study), we will add it only if you can explain why it is important--sorry, our time and resources are limited.
  • Please feel free to add any other scholarly publication yourself that we have not included, especially your own work!

List of articles for us to add

Based on the criteria above, please add any articles here that we have missed and ought to include. If possible, please include a link to the article, or other identifying information.

Added but needs check

  1. A data-driven sketch of Wikipedia editors conference paper from 2012 added by Carlos Castillo
  2. A Tool for Estimating the Relative Contributions of Wiki Authors conference paper added by Oarazy.
  3. An analysis of open content systems conference paper from 2005 added by Oarazy.
  4. An inside view: credibility in Wikipedia from the perspective of editors journal paper changed by
  5. Automatically assigning Wikipedia articles to macro-categories conference paper added by
  6. Beyond the legacy of the enlightenment? Online encyclopaedias as digital heterotopias journal paper changed by
  7. Chemical information media in the chemistry lecture hall: a comparative assessment of two online encyclopedias changed by Mbraendle
  8. Co-authorship 2.0: Patterns of collaboration in Wikipedia by
  9. Community-based knowledge production: antecedents of product quality in Wikipedia added by Oarazy
  10. Credibility judgment and verification behavior of college students concerning Wikipedia
  11. Debating Credibility: The Shaping of Information Literacies in Upper Secondary School journal paper added by
  12. Debating Information Control in Web 2.0. The Case of Wikipedia vs. Citizendium conference paper added by
  13. Determinants of Wikipedia quality: the roles of global and local contribution inequality conference paper added by Oarazy
  14. Does reputation matter for open content systems? conference paper added by Oarazy
  15. Finding social roles in Wikipedia by Htwelser
  16. Governance of online creation communities: Provision of infrastructure for the building of digital commons
  17. How today's college students use Wikipedia for course-related research a user added changes to another page: How Today's College Students Use Wikipedia for Course-Related Research
  18. In search of credibility: pupils' information practices in learning environments journal paper changed by
  19. Is Wikipedia unsuitable as a clinical information resource for medical students by Jayvdb
  20. Negotiating the Role of Sources: Educators' Conceptions of Credibility in Participatory Media journal paper added by
  21. Ontology Learning from Text: A Look back and into the Future by (not published yet!)
  22. Putting Wikipedia to the test: a case study by Jayvdb
  23. Quantitative data and graphics on lexical specificity and index of readability: the case of Wikipedia journal article changed by (The abstract needs to be fixed).
  24. Social capital increases efficiency of collaboration among Wikipedia by
  25. What have Innsbruck and Leipzig in common? Extracting semantic from wiki content added by Jens Lehmann.
  26. What is the quality of surgery-related information on the Internet? Lessons learned from a standardized evaluation of 10 common operations (added and annotated by fnielsen, "Theories" missing)
  27. When the Wikipedians talk: network and tree structure of Wikipedia discussion pages by
  28. Wikipedia − Störfaktor oder Impulsgeber für die Lehre? added by German?
  29. Wisdom of the crowds: decentralized knowledge construction in Wikipedia conference paper added by Oarazy

Added, summarized and verified (maybe not yet in our working paper)

  1. An Aesthetic for Deliberating Online: Thinking Through “Universal Pragmatics” and “Dialogism” with Reference to Wikipedia
  2. Commons-based peer production and virtue
  3. Measuring content quality in user generated content systems: a machine learning approach
  4. Using Wikipedia for automatic word sense disambiguation
  5. Wikipedia and the emergence of dialogic expertise
  6. Wikipedia: community or social movement?
  7. The Citation of Wikipedia in Judicial Opinions
  8. Improving Wikipedia: educational opportunity and professional responsibility
  9. Wiki-philosophizing in a marketplace of ideas: evaluating Wikipedia's entries on seven great minds
  10. A Wikipedia literature review submitted article in 2011 added by Jayvdb
  11. The Wikipedia: experts, expertise and ethical challenges added by Jayvdb
  12. Wikipedia - a key tool for global public health promotion by Jayvdb
  13. On the measurability of information quality journal paper added by Oarazy.
  14. The Rolls Royce of the library reference collection journal paper added by Jayvdb.

Does not need to be added

  1. Wikipedia - encyclopedia or not? Information today, 22(8): 49. It is a newspaper article and probably not peer-reviewed.
  2. Surviving Wikipedia: improving student search habits through information literacy and teacher collaboration (Not PR)
  3. The range of Linus' Law by Shanegreenstein (Non-PR column in a PR journal)

Added by users but not relevant because they are not about Wikipedia

  1. A novel hierarchical model of attention: maximizing information acquisition. See instead Brede Wiki
  2. ‘Crowding Out’ in Corporate Wikis: the Effects of Job Responsibility and Motivation on Participation. Mentions Wikipedia but is about a corporate wiki. See instead Brede Wiki.
  3. Edgel index for large-scale sketch-based image search. See instead Brede Wiki
  4. Health Conversational System based on Contextual Matching of Community-Driven Question-Answer Pairs
  5. MindFinder: interactive sketch-based image search on millions of images. Brede Wiki
  6. Spatial-Bag-of-Features. See instead Brede Wiki
  7. Statistical Semantic and Clinician Confidence Analysis for Correcting Abbreviations and Spelling Errors in Clinical Progress Notes. See instead Brede Wiki
  8. The Effects of Wikis Characteristics on Performance Quality. About wikis but not Wikipedia. See instead [The effects of wikis characteristics on performance quality Brede Wiki].
  9. The Lifecycle of Corporate Wikis: An Analysis of Activity Patterns. Mentions Wikipedia but primarily about a corporate wiki. See instead Brede Wiki.
  10. The Sustainability of Corporate Wikis: A Time Series Analysis of Activity Patterns. Mentions Wikipedia but is primarily about a corporate wiki. See instead Brede Wiki
  11. What Makes Corporate Wikis Work? Wiki Affordances and Their suitability for Corporate Knowledge Work. Mentions Wikipedia but is primarily about a corporate wiki. See instead Brede Wiki

Articles lists for Wikimedia France Research Award

Parsed, verified and summarized

  1. Cultural configuration of Wikipedia: measuring autoreferentiality in different languages (2011, 0 citations, after deadline)
  2. Governance in social media: a case study of the Wikipedia promotion process (2010, 29 citations)
  3. Readers are not free-riders: reading as a form of participation on Wikipedia (2010, 29 citations)
  4. Understanding collaboration in Wikipedia (2011, 3 citations)
  5. WP:Clubhouse? An exploration of Wikipedia's gender imbalance (2011, 17 citations)
  6. Wikipedia: community or social movement?
  7. Wikipedia: a key tool for global public health promotion
  8. Semantic Wikipedia
  9. DBpedia: a nucleus for a Web of Open Data
  10. Wikipedia as participatory journalism: reliable sources?
  11. He says, she says: conflict and coordination in Wikipedia
  12. Creating, destroying, and restoring value in Wikipedia
  13. Community, consensus, coercion, control: CS*W or how policy mediates mass participation
  14. Don't look now, but we've created a bureaucracy: the nature and roles of policies and rules in Wikipedia
  15. Talk before you type: coordination in Wikipedia
  16. Computing semantic relatedness using Wikipedia-based explicit semantic analysis
  17. Measuring Wikipedia
  18. Large-scale named entity disambiguation based on Wikipedia data (2007, 294 citations)
  19. A content-driven reputation system for the Wikipedia
  20. Harnessing the wisdom of crowds in Wikipedia: quality through coordination
  21. Can history be open source? Wikipedia and the future of the past
  22. Extracting lexical semantic knowledge from Wikipedia and Wiktionary
  23. Becoming Wikipedian: transformation of participation in a collaborative online encyclopedia
  24. Adhocratic governance in the internet age: a case of Wikipedia
  25. Ranking of Wikipedia articles in search engines revisited: fair ranking for reasonable quality?
  26. Studying cooperation and conflict between authors with history flow visualizations
  27. What motivates Wikipedians?
  28. Foucault@wiki: first steps towards a conceptual framework for the analysis of wiki discourses (2006, 32 citations)
  29. Us vs. them: understanding social dynamics in Wikipedia with revert graph visualizations (2007, 46 citations)
  30. Viable wikis: struggle for life in the wikisphere (2007, 24 citations)
  31. Wikipedia revision toolkit: efficiently accessing Wikipedia's edit history (2011, 3 citations)

Not about Wikipedia

  1. Feedback mechanisms and their impact on motivation to contribute to wikis in higher education (2011, 0 citations)