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Articles in the Jullien review missed in WikiLit and our review. They are now all entered.

  1. A framework for information quality assessment. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, (12):1720– 1733. Stvilia, B.; Gasser, L.; Twidale, M. B.; Smith, L. C.. (2007).
  2. Fixing the floating gap: the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia as a global memory place. Memory Studies, 2(2):255–272. Pentzold, C.. (2009).
  3. Improving Wikipedia: educational opportunity and professional responsibility. Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 24(4):177 – 179. Callis, Kristine L.; Christ, Lindsey R.; Resasco, Julian; Armitage, David W.; Ash, Jeremy D.; Caughlin, Timothy T.; Clemmensen, Sharon F.; Copeland, Stella M.; Fullman, Timothy J.; Lynch, Ryan L.; Olson, Charley; Pruner, Raya A.; Vieira-Neto, Ernane H.M.; West-Singh, Raneve; Bruna, Emilio M.. (2009).
  4. Wikipedia - free and reliable?: aspects of a collaboratively shaped encyclopaedia. Nordicom Review, 30(1):183–199. URL: Mattus, M.. (2009).
  5. Wikipedia and the emergence of dialogic expertise. Southern Communication Journal, 75(5):505–526. Hartelius, E. J.. (2010).
  6. Wikipedia, Scholarpedia, and references to journals in the brain and behavioral sciences: a comparison of cited sources and recommended readings in matching free online encyclopedia entries (2). Science and Technology Libraries, 29(3):258–265. Stankus, T.; Spiegel, S. E.. (2010).
  7. Wiki-philosophizing in a marketplace of ideas: evaluating Wikipedia's entries on seven great minds. MediaTropes eJournal, 2(1):117–158. Bragues, George. (2009).
  8. Wisdom of the crowd or technicity of content? Wikipedia as a sociotechnical system. New Media & Society, 12(8):1368–1387. Niederer, Sabine; Dijck, van José. (2010).
  9. Commons-based peer production and virtue. The Journal of Political Philosophy, 14(4):394–419. Benker, Yochai; Nissenbaum, Helen. (2006).


Articles in Jullien review published in 2011 that are potentially missing from WikiLit and our review. With the cut-off date at June/July 2011 there are 6 of the 13 papers that are missing.

  1. Accuracy and completeness of drug information in Wikipedia: an assessment. Medical Library Association, 99(4):310–313. Kupferberg, Natalie; Protus, Bridget McCrate. (2011).
    • Need not be included. Published in October.
  2. Awarding the self in Wikipedia: identity work and the disclosure of knowledge. First Monday, 16(1). URL: fm/article/view/3156/2747. Ashton, D.. (2011).
    • Should be included!. Published in January. Peer-reviewed
  3. Cultural bias in Wikipedia content on famous persons. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 62(10):1899–1915. Callahan, Ewa S.; Herring, Susan C.. (2011).
    • Need not be included. Published in October.
  4. Evaluation of an information source illustrated by a case study: effect of screening for breast cancer. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 62(10):1892–1898. Hjørland, Birger. (2011).
    • Need not be included. Publisher in October.
  5. From Castalia to Wikipedia: openness and closure in knowledge communities. E-Learning and Digital Media, 8(1):36–46. Roberts, Peter; Peters, Michael A.. (2011).
    • Should be included! Published around January.
  6. From Encyclopædia Britannica to Wikipedia: generational differences in the perceived credibility of online encyclopedia information. Information Communication and Society, 14(3):355–374. Flanagin, A. J.; Metzger, M. J.. (2011).
    • Should be included! Published in April. Likely peer-reviewed.
  7. Investigating relationships within and between category networks in Wikipedia. Journal of Informetrics, 5(3):431–438. Silva, F. N.; Viana, M. P.; Travençolo, Bruno Augusto Nassif; Fontoura Costa, da Luciano. (2011).
    • Need not be included. Published in July.
  8. Knowledge-sharing intention in a virtual community: a study of participants in the chinese Wikipedia. Cyberpsychology Behavior and social networking, 14(9):541–545. Ho, SC; Ting, PH; Bau, DY; Wei, CC. (2011).
    • Need not be included. Published in September.
  9. Networked expertise in the era of many-to-many communication: on Wikipedia and invention. Social Epistemology, 25(3):217–231. Pfister, Damien S.. (2011).
    • Need not be included. Published in July.
  10. The intelligible as a new world? Wikipedia versus the eighteenth-century encyclopédie. Paragraph, 34(1):12–29. Perovic, S.. (2011).
    • Should be included!. Published in March.
  11. Understanding and supporting online communities of practice: lessons learned from Wikipedia. Educational Technology Research and Development, 59:711–735. Zhao, Xiaoli; Bishop, M.. (2011).
    • Need not be included. Published in October.
  12. Wikipedia as a data source for political scientists: accuracy and completeness of coverage. Political Science & Politics, 44(02):339–343. Brown, Adam R.. (2011).
    • Should be included! Published in April. Peer-reviewed.
  13. Wikipedia's "neutral point of view": settling conflict through ambiguity. Information Society, 27(1):40–51. Matei, S. A.; Dobrescu, C.. (2011).
    • Should be included! Published in January. Peer-reviewed.

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