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Wikilit is a systematic literature review about scholarly research on Wikipedia. The purpose of this review is to analyze particular trends in research and offer the basic groundwork for future studies. Research questions of examined studies have been identified as well as their answers when available. Wikilit provides the citation information of all articles included in the review. For each of the articles, we captured the following:

  • The research question for each study.
  • The topics which are the main subject categorization used to classify articles:
    • Content
    • Corpus
    • General
    • Infrastructure
    • Participation
    • Readership
  • The Wikipedia related body of knowledge mapped into a typology of sciences.
  • The category of theory based on Gregor’s categorization (Analysis, Explanation, Prediction, or Design and Action)
  • Is Wikipedia the main topic of the study, or is it a sample data source, or a case among others, or something else?
  • What theoretical frameworks and reference theories have been used to study the topic?
  • What research designs have been applied? Methodologies used will be recorded.
  • What kind of data has been collected for research purposes? a. Primary vs secondary data: Field research (Direct observation; Participant-observation; Documents; Archival records; Interviews; Physical artifacts); experiment/laboratory; simulation; survey; literature review.
  • The Unit of analysis: e.g. article, user, edit, language, subjects, website
  • Wikipedia data extraction techniques: was data collected from the live Wikipedia; was a clone (replicated) Wikipedia server or database used; or was a secondary pre-processed dataset used?
  • Wikipedia page category (article pages, article talk pages, user pages, user talk pages, and others).
  • Wikipedia language
  • What conclusions have been drawn from the existing research? That is, what research questions have been answered, and what are the answers? Conclusions will be summarized in one or more sentences.

Contact us

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us by e-mailing wikilit - at -