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'Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia' as a role model? Lessons for open innovation from an exploratory examination of the supposedly democratic-anarchic nature of Wikipedia 15 March 2012 20:34:28
A 'resource review' of Wikipedia 13 March 2012 12:20:28
A Persian web page classifier applying a combination of content-based and context-based features 13 March 2012 12:20:13
A Wikipedia literature review 29 May 2012 21:50:02
A Wikipedia matching approach to contextual advertising 15 March 2012 18:41:20
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Experiment & Semantic relatedness

  Research design
Analyzing and visualizing the semantic coverage of Wikipedia and its authors Statistical analysis
Computing semantic relatedness using Wikipedia-based explicit semantic analysis Design science
Deriving a large scale taxonomy from Wikipedia Experiment
Enhancing text clustering by leveraging Wikipedia semantics Experiment
Exploring words with semantic correlations from Chinese Wikipedia Experiment
Extracting key terms from noisy and multitheme documents Experiment
Keyphrase extraction based on topic relevance and term association Mathematical modeling
Statistical analysis
Knowledge derived from Wikipedia for computing semantic relatedness Experiment
Semantic relatedness metric for Wikipedia concepts based on link analysis and its application to word sense disambiguation Experiment
Using Wikipedia knowledge to improve text classification Experiment
Using Wiktionary for computing semantic relatedness Experiment
Web-scale distributional similarity and entity set expansion Experiment
Statistical analysis
Wikipedia-based semantic interpretation for natural language processing Design science
Wikirelate! Computing semantic relatedness using Wikipedia Experiment
Wisdom of crowds versus wisdom of linguists - measuring the semantic relatedness of words Experiment
YAGO: a core of semantic knowledge Experiment
YAWN: a semantically annotated Wikipedia XML corpus Content analysis