There is no deadline - time evolution of Wikipedia discussions

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There is No Deadline - Time Evolution of Wikipedia Discussions
Authors: Andreas Kaltenbrunner, David Laniado [edit item]
Citation: WikiSym  : . 2012 August. Linz, Austria. ACM.
Publication type: Conference paper
Peer-reviewed: Yes
Database(s): arXiv (arXiv/1204.3453)
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There is No Deadline - Time Evolution of Wikipedia Discussions is a publication by Andreas Kaltenbrunner, David Laniado.

[edit] Abstract

Wikipedia articles are by definition never finished: at any moment their content can be edited, or discussed in the associated talk pages. In this study we analyse the evolution of these discussions to unveil patterns of collective participation along the temporal dimension, and to shed light on the process of content creation on different topics. At a micro-scale, we investigate peaks in the discussion activity and we observe a non-trivial relationship with edit activity. At a larger scale, we introduce a measure to account for how fast discussions grow in complexity, and we find speeds that span three orders of magnitude for different articles. Our analysis should help the community in tasks such as early detection of controversies and assessment of discussion maturity.

[edit] Research questions

Research details

Topics: Data mining, Deliberative collaboration, Participation trends [edit item]
Domains: Computer science, Information science, Communications [edit item]
Theory type: Analysis [edit item]
Wikipedia coverage: Main topic [edit item]
Theories: [edit item]
Research design: Econometrics and time series, Mathematical modeling, Statistical analysis [edit item]
Data source: Archival records, Wikipedia pages [edit item]
Collected data time dimension: Longitudinal [edit item]
Unit of analysis: Article, Edit [edit item]
Wikipedia data extraction: Live Wikipedia [edit item]
Wikipedia page type: Article, Article:talk [edit item]
Wikipedia language: English [edit item]

[edit] Conclusion

[edit] Comments

Further notes[edit]