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  | ?Collected datatype
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  | ?Unit of analysis
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Student contribution

  Wikipedia coverage Research design Collected datatype Unit of analysis Wikipedia language
A tale of two tasks: editing in the era of digital literacies Main topic Case study Article English
Engaging with the world: students of comparative law write for Wikipedia Main topic Experiment N/A Not specified
Experiences and perspectives of Wikipedia use in higher education Main topic Case study N/A Not specified
Fire next time: or revisioning higher education in the context of digital social creativity Case Case study N/A Not specified
From Wikipedia to the classroom: exploring online publication and learning Main topic Discourse analysis
Statistical analysis
User Not specified
Improving Wikipedia: educational opportunity and professional responsibility Main topic Content analysis Article Not specified
Improving science education and understanding through editing Wikipedia Main topic Action research Article Not specified
Raising the stakes: writing about witchcraft on Wikipedia Main topic Action research
Statistical analysis
User English
Readers are not free-riders: reading as a form of participation on Wikipedia Main topic Statistical analysis User Not specified
Sleeping with the enemy: Wikipedia in the college classroom Main topic Action research User English
The changing space of research: Web 2.0 and the integration of research and writing environments Case Conceptual N/A N/A
Wikipedia - friend, not foe Main topic Content analysis Article English
Wikipedia - how it works and how it can work for you Main topic Content analysis N/A Not specified
Wikipedia and the future of legal education Main topic Conceptual N/A N/A
Wikipedia as a tool for forestry outreach Main topic Conceptual
Content analysis
Subject English
Wikis and Wikipedia as a teaching tool Case Statistical analysis Website Not specified
Writing, citing, and participatory media: wikis as learning environments in the high school classroom Case Grounded theory N/A Not specified