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Is open source software living up to its promises? Insights for open innovation management from two open source software-inspired projects
Abstract At present, several virtual initiatives clAt present, several virtual initiatives claim to be acting according to the open source software {(OSS)} arena, which is often deemed a role model for open innovation. Against this background, this research focuses on a comparative case study of two non-profit project networks that attempt to operate in line with the {OSS} phenomenon: Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, and the development of an automobile, Open Source car. We show that many parallels to the {OSS} arena can be drawn in both cases. However, this analysis must be performed cautiously, as several factors limit the applicability of {OSS} principles to non-software-related arenas. We conclude with a discussion of implications for open innovation research and managerial practice.novation research and managerial practice.
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Conclusion As a result of our analysis, we are able tAs a result of our analysis, we are able to identify three parallels: (1) With regard to the motivational stimuli, both extrinsic and intrinsic motivations were identified (cf. Table A3). At Wikipedia, low opportunity cost in terms of contributing to the encyclopedia is an important extrinsic stimulus, as one only needs to have access to the Internet to be able to contribute to Wikipedia. Contributions from the community also constitute extrinsic motivation. At Wikipedia, contributors assess receiving feedback as being beneficial. (2) As for the technological platform, in the case of both projects, the infrastructure is critical. The infrastructure serves as a device to enable the exchange of innovative ideas and practices. The diverse technological features are essential because they enable and facilitate the exchange of information by allowing one to add information or respond to someone else’s remarks. (3) The modularity of the tasks is deemed essential for the operation of both projects as well. At Wikipedia, although certain rules ought to be obeyed, no severe restrictions exist regarding the complexity of an article. It is helpful that an article can be created without the need to integrate the content of articles written about similar topics. In addition, due to the multilingual nature of Wikipedia, participants from different countries or backgrounds can engage in Wikipedia, working separately in their languages.ia, working separately in their languages.
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Research questions The objective of this article is to addresThe objective of this article is to address the following research questions: Research question 1: What parallels can be drawn between the field of OSS and nonsoftware-related projects in terms of motivational stimuli, the nature of the exchange, and task design? Research question 2: What barriers do for-profit corporations need to be aware of when it comes to development processes for non-software-related projects?ocesses for non-software-related projects?
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Title Is open source software living up to its promises? Insights for open innovation management from two open source software-inspired projects
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