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Raymond Patterson

Researcher (help)
Raymond Patterson
Position: Associate Professor
Affiliation: University of Alberta
City: Edmonton
Country: Canada
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  1. An analysis of open content systems (Ofer Arazy Raymond Patterson 2005)
  2. Does reputation matter for open content systems? (Ofer Arazy Yonghua Ji Raymond Patterson 2006)
  3. Information quality in Wikipedia: the effects of group composition and task conflict (Ofer Arazy Oded Nov Raymond Patterson Lisa Yeo 2011)
  4. Wiki deployment in corporate settings (Ofer Arazy Ian Gellatly Soobaek Jang Raymond Patterson 2009)
  5. Wisdom of the crowds: decentralized knowledge construction in Wikipedia (Ofer Arazy Wayne Morgan Raymond Patterson 2006)
Raymond Patterson is a researcher who works in Canada.