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Topics are the main subject categorization used to classify articles specifically about Wikipedia:

The categories are based on the following sources:

  • The four major categories correspond to the four major groupings from Wikimedia-pedia, a collection of knowledge about Wikimedia Foundation projects. To facilitate dissemination of our findings to the Wikimedia community, we have closely paralleled their four groupings:
  1. We represent Wikimedia-pedia's Reach in our categorization as Readership, concerning reaching readers around the world with Wikimedia content.
  2. We represent Wikimedia-pedia's Quality in our categorization as Content, referring to studies concerned with actual content of the encyclopedia articles; this includes the quality of articles but also issues such as the overall size of Wikipedia.
  3. We represent Wikimedia-pedia's Participation in our categorization as Participation, referring to studies concerning to wikipedians as community members, their contribution to articles and other kinds of collaboration.
  4. We represent Wikimedia-pedia's Operations in our categorization as Infrastructure, referring to studies about the organizational, legal, philosophical and technological infrastructure underlying Wikipedia.
  • The Corpus category is subdivided according to the three major groupings from Medelyan O., Milne D., Legg C., Witten I.H. (2009), Mining meaning from Wikipedia, International Journal of Human Computer Studies, 67 (9), pp. 716-754.
  • The General category comprises articles that span categories without belonging to any specific one, or defy other classification.

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