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Author of a publication
Authors of a publication
[[has type::page| ]]
[[has type::page| ]]
[[Creates pages with form::Researcher| ]]
[[Creates pages with form::Researcher| ]]

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Authors of a publication

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'Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia' as a role model? Lessons for open innovation from an exploratory examination of the supposedly democratic-anarchic nature of Wikipedia +Gordon Müller-Seitz  +, Guido Reger  +


A 'resource review' of Wikipedia +Cormac Lawler  +
A Persian web page classifier applying a combination of content-based and context-based features +Mojgan Farhoodi  +, Alireza Yari  +, Maryam Mahmoudi  +
A Wikipedia literature review +Owen S. Martin  +
A Wikipedia matching approach to contextual advertising +Alexander N. Pak  +, Chin-Wan Chung  +
A comparison of World Wide Web resources for identifying medical information +Pamela T. Johnson  +, Jennifer K. Chen  +, John Eng  +,
A comparison of privacy issues in collaborative workspaces and social networks +Martin Pekárek  +, Stefanie Pötzsch  +
A content-driven reputation system for the Wikipedia +B. Thomas Adler  +, Luca de Alfaro  +
A cultural and political economy of Web 2.0 +Robert W. Gehl  +
A data-driven sketch of Wikipedia editors +Robert West  +, Ingmar Weber  +, Carlos Castillo  +
A five-year study of on-campus Internet use by undergraduate biomedical students +Terry Judd  +, Gregor Kennedy  +
A framework for information quality assessment +Besiki Stvilia  +, Les Gasser  +, Michael B. Twidale  +,
A knowledge-based search engine powered by Wikipedia +David N. Milne  +, Ian H. Witten  +, David M. Nichols  +
A method for category similarity calculation in wikis +Cheong-Iao Pang  +, Robert P. Biuk-Aghai  +
A method for measuring co-authorship relationships in MediaWiki +Libby Veng-Sam Tang  +, Robert P. Biuk-Aghai  +, Simon Fong  +
A multimethod study of information quality in wiki collaboration +Gerald C. Kane  +
A negative category based approach for Wikipedia document classification +Meenakshi Sundaram Murugeshan  +, K. Lakshmi  +, Saswati Mukherjee  +
A new year, a new Internet +Michael Castelluccio  +
A practical approach to language complexity: a Wikipedia case study +Taha Yasseri  +, András Kornai  +, János Kertész  +
A request for help to improve the coverage of the NHS and UK healthcare issues on Wikipedia +Rod Ward  +
A semantic approach for question classification using WordNet and Wikipedia +Santosh Kumar Ray  +, Shailendra Singh  +, B.P. Joshi  +
A systemic and cognitive view on collaborative knowledge building with wikis +Ulrike Cress  +, Joachim Kimmerle  +
A tale of two tasks: editing in the era of digital literacies +Kelly Chandler-Olcott  +
A utility for estimating the relative contributions of wiki authors +Ofer Arazy  +, Eleni Stroulia  +
Academics and Wikipedia: reframing Web 2.0 as a disruptor of traditional academic power-knowledge arrangements +Henk Eijkman  +
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