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Any comments that we compilers have made or copied from the article. Very often, this consists of quotations from the article that capture the essence of the article or of its conclusions.

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'Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia' as a role model? Lessons for open innovation from an exploratory examination of the supposedly democratic-anarchic nature of Wikipedia +"We report that various insights from the field of OSS can be equally well applied to the realm of Wikipedia...In several cases, Wikipedia seems to follow conventional organizational patterns, particularly in respect of the unexpected bureaucratization. Our findings reflect this in terms of the establishment of different types of permissions, policies, and guidelines, as well as the creation of central institutions. " p. 471


A 'resource review' of Wikipedia +Despite the technological background to its development, Wikipedia is still basically concerned with the same old problems of humans engaged in the drama of social life. " Reagle, 2006"
A Persian web page classifier applying a combination of content-based and context-based features +Experiment: method: linear combination of different features and adjusting the optimum weighting during classifi cation.
A Wikipedia literature review +Initially written for a dissertation, but the eventual dissertation mentions Wikipedia in passing only once:
A comparison of World Wide Web resources for identifying medical information +Experiment: This institutional review board–approved case cross-over study randomly assigned 89 medical student volunteers to use either Google or any other web-based resource (excluding Google) to research 10 advanced medical questions in a multiple choice exam. Primary outcome measures were resource efficiency (inversely related to number of links used to identify the correct answer for each question) and correctness (number of correct answers/total number of questions answered). For Google searches, the sites providing the information in question were also evaluated.
A comparison of privacy issues in collaborative workspaces and social networks +It is necessary to find a comprehensive approach to improve privacy protection by combining three areas; technical, legal and social norms.
A content-driven reputation system for the Wikipedia +The content-driven user reputation algorithm proposed has been able to predict on average users' reputation based on the quality of their contribution.
A cultural and political economy of Web 2.0 +"Wikipedia still offers a model to all of us who are interested in the pleasures, joys, and value of contributing our ideas to collective projects without having those efforts be captured by capital" p.246
A five-year study of on-campus Internet use by undergraduate biomedical students +Students are increasingly reliant on generalist information retrieval tools, particularly Google and Wikipedia, to support their learning activities Computer usage logs: Internet logs recording the websites visited and time spent on each website. 5000 sessions collected during aug and sep of each of the five years of the study.
A knowledge-based search engine powered by Wikipedia +"[Wikipedia was tested] with a varied domain independent collection of documents and retrieval tasks, and it was able to recognize and lend assistance to almost all queries issued to it, and significantly improve retrieval performance." p. 453 search results "Resign design" should be "Design science" (the construction of the Koru system is described and "experiment" (a user study with 12 subjects are made). "Data source" can (apart from those listed) also be Wikipedia pages as these are used to constructed a thesaurus. "Unit of analysis" should probably not be "user", - it is not a user of Wikipedia, but a user of the Koru system. Pages are used for analysis in the construction of the thesaurus. "Wikipedia page type" is probably "implicit" articles. "Wikipedia language" is very likely English, but should be set to "Not specified". From discussion in 2013-01-16: "“A knowledge-based search engine powered by Wikipedia”: Should also be “design science”, “data source”: also “Wikipedia pages” (because of use in the thesaurus), “Unit of analysis”: keep it as “User” (Wikipedia pages are not studied per se), “Wikipedia pagetype: “Article”."
A negative category based approach for Wikipedia document classification +Secondary (INEX: Wikipedia articles)
A new year, a new Internet +This is a non peer reviewed column is a magazine.
A semantic approach for question classification using WordNet and Wikipedia +Secondary data: USC and TREC data sets; Wikipedia articles; Websites (WordNet)
A tale of two tasks: editing in the era of digital literacies +By dismissing examples of collaborative writing in digital environments, we as teachers and our students are missing rich opportunities to consider new roles and relationships for writers
Academics and Wikipedia: reframing Web 2.0 as a disruptor of traditional academic power-knowledge arrangements +Wikipedia continues to be a divisive issue among academics, particularly within the “soft sciences; Many academics use it extensively yet cautiously and assert its disruption along with other Web 2.0 technologies of conventional academic power-knowledge arrangements.
Accelerating networks +Networks undergo different regimes of acceleration throughout their evolution.
Access, claims and quality on the Internet - future challenges +Access to the whole of knowledge is becoming feasible with the open source movement with the need to highlight the central importance of quality along with the open access in terms of quantity.
Action research as a congruent methodology for understanding wikis: the case of Wikiversity +Even though wikis show transparency as offering significant educational potential, more research need to be done in understanding the ways in which these open, participatory wiki environments really work for learning; how they address the needs of a wide range of people, and how they can be developed with these people in mind. This paper is about Wikiversity, not Wikipedia.
Adaptive indexing for content-based search in P2P systems +Wikipedia pages Documents We evaluated all systems on three datasets. The first one is the benchmark dataset containing four different types of documents: MED, CISI, CACM, and TIMES used by Smart [2], with 1033, 1460, 3204, 425 documents and 30, 35, 64 and 83 queries, respectively. The two remaining datasets are the 2005 TREC publish spam corpus consisting of 84,053 files obtained from and the Wikipedia dataset containing 1,000,000 pages downloaded from Wikipedia (, a free multilingual online encyclopedia. Queries of these two datasets are generated randomly from the categories of TREC and Wikipedia.
Adhocratic governance in the Internet age: a case of Wikipedia +The English-language Wikipedia shows many signs of being an adhocracy in which the editors not only “capture opportunities,” but they also can create those opportunities, since editors can change all policies and so enjoy an unprecedented degree of empowerment.
An activity theoretic model for information quality change +Information Quality could be changed not only actively by editors, malicious agents, or IQA agents editing the article, but also passively by changes in the article’s underlying entity or the context of its evaluation and use. Statistical analysis; Content analysis; Time series The research method used in this study consisted of a combination of (1) a conceptual modelling of Wikipedia information processes; (2) a descriptive statistical analysis and an analysis of time series data of article attribute data; and, (3) a content analysis of quality evaluation discussions.
An analysis of Wikipedia +Wikipedia's uniqueness as a public good, combined with free-riding and free-editing help to maintain the large size and reliability of Wikipedia when compared to other open source systems.
An analysis of topical coverage of Wikipedia +Wikipedia does well overall in terms of content coverage; two areas are particularly lacking Law and Medicine and different approaches may be taken to improve their coverage by means of separate projects (such WikiProject physics) or by encouraging participation in these areas .
An axiomatic approach for result diversification +Data source = Wikipedia disambiguation pages
An empirical examination of Wikipedia's credibility +Both experts and non-experts agreed on the credibility of Wikipedia and of the articles’ authors, but the experts found Wikipedia’s articles to be more credible than the non–experts; This suggests that the accuracy of Wikipedia is high but it doesn't mean that Wikipedia is totally reliable.
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