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Wikipedia literature review


Please note: This wiki acts as the database for a literature review of Wikipedia by the authors. If you edit please create a user page so we can attribute you, and contact the authors if you want to make major edits.


  Has author Has topic Has domain
'Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia' as a role model? Lessons for open innovation from an exploratory examination of the supposedly democratic-anarchic nature of Wikipedia Gordon Müller-Seitz
Guido Reger
Contributor motivation
Policies and governance
Social order
Information systems
A 'resource review' of Wikipedia Cormac Lawler Miscellaneous topics Information systems
A Persian web page classifier applying a combination of content-based and context-based features Mojgan Farhoodi
Alireza Yari
Maryam Mahmoudi
Text classification Computer science
A Wikipedia literature review Owen S. Martin Literature review Mathematics
A Wikipedia matching approach to contextual advertising Alexander N. Pak
Chin-Wan Chung
Other information retrieval topics Computer science
A comparison of World Wide Web resources for identifying medical information Pamela T. Johnson
Jennifer K. Chen
John Eng
Martin A. Makary
Elliot K. Fishman
Health information source
Ranking and popularity
A comparison of privacy issues in collaborative workspaces and social networks Martin Pekárek
Stefanie Pötzsch
Policies and governance
Philosophy and ethics
Computer science
Information systems
A content-driven reputation system for the Wikipedia B. Thomas Adler
Luca de Alfaro
Reputation systems Computer science
A cultural and political economy of Web 2.0 Robert W. Gehl Culture and values of Wikipedia
Other collaboration topics
Policies and governance
Commercial aspects
Political science
A data-driven sketch of Wikipedia editors Robert West
Ingmar Weber
Carlos Castillo
Cultural and linguistic effects on participation Computer science
A five-year study of on-campus Internet use by undergraduate biomedical students Terry Judd
Gregor Kennedy
Domain-specific student readership Health
A framework for information quality assessment Besiki Stvilia
Les Gasser
Michael B. Twidale
Linda C. Smith
Featured articles
Readability and style
Information science
Library science
A knowledge-based search engine powered by Wikipedia David N. Milne
Ian H. Witten
David M. Nichols
Query processing Computer science
A method for category similarity calculation in wikis Cheong-Iao Pang
Robert P. Biuk-Aghai
A method for measuring co-authorship relationships in MediaWiki Libby Veng-Sam Tang
Robert P. Biuk-Aghai
Simon Fong
A multimethod study of information quality in wiki collaboration Gerald C. Kane Antecedents of quality
Featured articles
Quality improvement processes
Computational estimation of trustworthiness
Information systems
A negative category based approach for Wikipedia document classification Meenakshi Sundaram Murugeshan
K. Lakshmi
Saswati Mukherjee
Text classification Computer science
A new year, a new Internet Michael Castelluccio Wikipedia as a system Computer science
A practical approach to language complexity: a Wikipedia case study Taha Yasseri
András Kornai
János Kertész
A request for help to improve the coverage of the NHS and UK healthcare issues on Wikipedia Rod Ward Health information source Health
A semantic approach for question classification using WordNet and Wikipedia Santosh Kumar Ray
Shailendra Singh
B.P. Joshi
Text classification Computer science
A systemic and cognitive view on collaborative knowledge building with wikis Ulrike Cress
Joachim Kimmerle
Deliberative collaboration Knowledge management
A tale of two tasks: editing in the era of digital literacies Kelly Chandler-Olcott Student contribution
Student information literacy
A utility for estimating the relative contributions of wiki authors Ofer Arazy
Eleni Stroulia
Collaboration software Computer science
Academics and Wikipedia: reframing Web 2.0 as a disruptor of traditional academic power-knowledge arrangements Henk Eijkman Epistemology
Knowledge source for scholars and librarians
Reader perceptions of credibility
Cross-domain student readership
Accelerating networks David M. D. Smith
Jukka-Pekka Onnela
Neil F. Johnson
Size of Wikipedia Information systems
Access, claims and quality on the Internet - future challenges Kim H. Veltman Epistemology
Reader perceptions of credibility
Information systems
Accuracy estimate and optimization techniques for SimRank computation Dmitry Lizorkin
Pavel Velikhov
Maxim Grinev
Denis Turdakov
Ranking and clustering systems Computer science
Action research as a congruent methodology for understanding wikis: the case of Wikiversity Cormac Lawler Research platform Education
Adaptive indexing for content-based search in P2P systems Aoying Zhou
Rong Zhang
Weining Qian
Quang Hieu Vu
Tianming Hu
Other information retrieval topics Computer science
Addressing gaps in knowledge while reading Christopher Jordan
Carolyn Watters
Reading support Computer science
Adhocratic governance in the Internet age: a case of Wikipedia Piotr Konieczny Policies and governance Business
An Aesthetic for Deliberating Online: Thinking Through “Universal Pragmatics” and “Dialogism” with Reference to Wikipedia Nicholas Cimini
Jennifer Burr
Deliberative collaboration
Philosophy and ethics
Information systems
An activity theoretic model for information quality change Besiki Stvilia
Les Gasser
Featured articles Information systems
An analysis of Wikipedia Mohammad M. Rahman Antecedents of quality
Size of Wikipedia
Commercial aspects
Information systems
An analysis of open content systems Ofer Arazy
Raymond Patterson
An analysis of the delayed response to hurricane Katrina through the lens of knowledge management Alton Y. K. Chua
Selcan Kaynak
Schubert S. B. Foo
News source Knowledge management
An analysis of topical coverage of Wikipedia Alexander Halavais
Derek Lackaff
Comprehensiveness Information systems
An axiomatic approach for result diversification Sreenivas Gollapudi
Aneesh Sharma
Ranking and clustering systems Computer science
An empirical examination of Wikipedia's credibility Thomas Chesney Reliability Information systems
An empirical study of the effects of NLP components on geographic IR performance Nicola Stokes
Yi Li
Alistair Moffat
Jiawen Rong
Geographic information retrieval Computer science
An evaluation of medical knowledge contained in Wikipedia and its use in the LOINC database Jeff Friedlin
Clement J McDonald
Other information retrieval topics Computer science
An exploration on on-line mass collaboration: focusing on its motivation structure Jae Kyung Ha
Yong-Hak Kim
Contributor motivation
Other collaboration topics
An inside view: credibility in Wikipedia from the perspective of editors Helena Francke
Olof Sundin
Contributor perceptions of credibility Library science
Analysis of community structure in Wikipedia Dmitry Lizorkin
Olena Medelyan
Maria Grineva
Analyzing and visualizing the semantic coverage of Wikipedia and its authors Todd Holloway
Miran Božičević
Katy Börner
Semantic relatedness Information systems
Analyzing the creative editing behavior of Wikipedia editors: through dynamic social network analysis Takashi Iba
Keiichi Nemoto
Bernd Peters
Peter A. Gloor
Social order Information systems
Applications of semantic web methodologies and techniques to social networks and social websites Sheila Kinsella
John G. Breslin
Alexandre Passant
Stefan Decker
Technical infrastructure Information systems
Are web-based informational queries changing? Chadwyn Tann
Mark Sanderson
Cross-domain student readership Computer science
Arguably the greatest: sport fans and communities at work on Wikipedia Meghan M. Ferriter Contributor engagement Information systems
… further results