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First Monday is a peer-reviewed journal on Internet research

  1. An activity theoretic model for information quality change
  2. An empirical examination of Wikipedia's credibility
  3. Assessing the value of cooperation in Wikipedia
  4. Awarding the self in Wikipedia: identity work and the disclosure of knowledge
  5. Beyond Google: how do students conduct academic research?
  6. Beyond the legacy of the enlightenment? Online encyclopaedias as digital heterotopias
  7. Collaboration in context: comparing article evolution among subject disciplines in Wikipedia
  8. Comparing featured article groups and revision patterns correlations in Wikipedia
  9. Credibility judgment and verification behavior of college students concerning Wikipedia
  10. Early response to false claims in Wikipedia
  11. Evaluating quality control of Wikipedia's feature articles
  12. Gaming against the greater good
  13. How today's college students use Wikipedia for course-related research
  14. Identifying and understanding the problems of Wikipedia's peer governance: the case of inclusionists versus deletionists
  15. Individual focus and knowledge contribution
  16. Learning in and with an open wiki project: Wikiversity's potential in global capacity building
  17. Limits of self-organization: peer production and "laws of quality"
  18. Open content and value creation
  19. Open source intelligence
  20. Phantom authority, self-selective recruitment and retention of members in virtual communities: the case of Wikipedia
  21. Philosophy democratized? A comparison between Wikipedia and two other Web-based philosophy resources
  22. Puppy smoothies: improving the reliability of open, collaborative wikis
  23. Scientific citations in Wikipedia
  24. The reach and richness of Wikipedia: is Wikinomics only for rich countries?
  25. The visibility of Wikipedia in scholarly publications
  26. Understanding collaboration in Wikipedia
  27. Visualizing the overlap between the 100 most visited pages on Wikipedia for September 2006 to January 2007
  28. What is popular on Wikipedia and why?
  29. What open access research can do for Wikipedia
  30. Wikiversity; or education meets the free culture movement: An ethnographic investigation