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David N. Milne

Researcher (help)
David N. Milne
Position: PhD Student
Affiliation: University of Waikato
City: Hamilton
Country: New Zealand
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  1. A knowledge-based search engine powered by Wikipedia (David N. Milne Ian H. Witten David M. Nichols 2007)
  2. Learning to link with Wikipedia (David N. Milne Ian H. Witten 2008)
  3. Mining domain-specific thesauri from Wikipedia: a case study (David N. Milne Olena Medelyan Ian H. Witten 2006)
  4. Mining meaning from Wikipedia (Olena Medelyan David N. Milne Catherine Legg Ian H. Witten 2009)
David N. Milne is a researcher who works in New Zealand.