Community-based knowledge production: antecedents of product quality in Wikipedia

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Community-Based Knowledge Production: Antecedents of Product Quality in Wikipedia
Authors: Ofer Arazy, Oded Nov [edit item]
Citation: 6th Annual International Open and User Innovation Workshop  : . 2008 August 4-6, 2008. Boston, MA, USA.
Publication type: Conference paper
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Community-Based Knowledge Production: Antecedents of Product Quality in Wikipedia is a publication by Ofer Arazy, Oded Nov.

[edit] Abstract

Recent years have seen the emergence of a new community-based model for the production of knowledge-based goods. The primary examples of this model are open source software and open content systems, such as Wikipedia. While the community-based model has been studied extensively, relatively little is known about the factors driving the quality of community-produced goods. The objective of this paper is to develop a theoretical model of product quality determinants for the community-based model, focusing on the task-related conflict that is associated with collective production process. We report on an empirical study of Wikipedia that supports the model’s hypotheses, and demonstrates that task conflict drives product quality, and is affected by group diversity and group members’ commitment to the community. We conclude by discussing implications for the study of community-based knowledge production.

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