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An analysis of open content systems

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An Analysis of Open Content systems
Authors: Ofer Arazy, Raymond Patterson [edit item]
Citation: Proceeding of the 15th Workshop on Information Technologies & Systems (WITS’05)  : . 2005 December 2005. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
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An Analysis of Open Content systems is a publication by Ofer Arazy, Raymond Patterson.

[edit] Abstract

Traditionally, content in organizational Knowledge Bases is created in a highly centralized manner to ensure quality. In Open Content Systems (OCS), on the other hand, content is generated in a distributed and decentralized manner. The most notable examples of OCS are Slashdot, the technology news portal, and Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia. The advantage of such systems is the speed in which content is accumulated, while the risk of open content systems is the lack of traditional quality control mechanisms. The purpose of this paper is to examine the processes that enable an open content system (OCS) to function effectively. We conduct a survey of existing open content systems, and analyze the interplay between the technology underlying OCS, the user community who is responsible for content generation, and the types of content managed by the OCS systems. Our analysis identifies specific settings where open content systems are likely to thrive.

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